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Bayesian Agent-Based Population Studies

Posted 2021-06-03 13:53:20 by Admin

Agent-based models of migration On 7-9 September 2020, Jakub Bijak gave two slightly different versions of a talk summarising the current state of the project work. The talks were delivered at the 2020 online conference of the Royal Statistical Society, in an invited session on Bayesian Demography, and subsequently at the online workshop "Integrating quantitative social, ecological and mathematical sciences into landscape decision-making" organised at the Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge. The first talk looked specifically at the "Bayesian analysis of agent-based models for migration", illustrating how Bayesian methods of uncertainty quantification can help explore the behaviour of even theoretical (data-free) models. The second one, entitled "The tale of the three landscapes: Connecting the layers through modelling", focused on the use of agent-based models in an interdisciplinary context.

RSS Conference - Bayesian Demography session

Isaac Newton Institute workshop on landscape decisions