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Bayesian Agent-Based Population Studies

Posted 2023-07-21 13:09:24 by Admin

In partnership with Population Europe, a network of over thirty leading European demographic institutions, we have published two short pieces highlighting the key results of the project and their implications for the policy, practice and research related to migration. In a short Population Digest, we elaborate how "Complex migrant journeys depend on four factors: knowledge, networks, life situation and chance", based on the results of the ethnographic and experimental work. In a dedicated Population and Policy Brief (No. 41), we reflect on "Managing Migration: What Can We Learn from Simulation Experiments", summarising the key results from across the project, as well as their policy and practical implications. We focus on what can be said about the complex and uncertain migration reality based on the results of simulation models, where the limits of such knowledge are, and what pitfalls to avoid, if such models are to be used to inform policy and practice in the area of migration.